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Welcome to Skriply, the publishing marketplace dedicated to independent journalists, publishers, and media creators. Our marketplace allows you the freedom to control your own narrative, choose your own subscription model, and sell your content directly to people searching for quality news and journalism. 

Skriply Publishers

We will be offering special features

  • Article Sharing: Users can subscribe to an article. They can then share that article with their friends, who can then subscribe to your article or even purchase the article for their friends. 
  • Promotional Advertising: Promote yourself to interested users. Choose your keywords and get your content seen.
  • Journalists Hosted Chat Forum: Host your own forum to discuss your articles or relevant topics. 
  • Build Your Own Media Company: Connect with other media creators to found your own media company, on your terms. 
  • In Platform Search Engine: Allows users to find you, using keywords and hashtags. 
  • The “Big Board”: A place to add your content, users can purchase access to the Big Board platform, and you get paid by user engagement.

Call to action and promotional offer

  • Build your Skriply profile and receive special benefits and promotions.
  • Early onboarding to our platform.
  • Credits for promotional advertising.
  • Discount on commission fees.
  • Creative input in our platform development.
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