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You can sign-out any time you like but you can never leave.

You signed-out of Google. Google did not sign you out!


Google wants to track and monitor you all over the Internet; wherever you go, whatever you view and however you interact online. So allowing you to simply "sign-out" is not something Google wants.

Smart? Sneaky?

No, offensive Google.

I've always been concerned about privacy because I value privacy and believe it's connected directly to my own safety, so naturally I sign out of online services once finished with using.

The other day I realized even though I'd been signing out of Google I actually had not been signed out by Google. That would take more effort and ultimately it means I was still being tracked, monitored and followed around like some chipped and released safari animal on the Web.

Allow me to explain.

Pictures say more than words so I'll use several to walk you through what I am attempting to warn you of.

1. Sign out?

2. Looks like you ARE "signed out", right?


Returned to home page, believing you have removed yourself from Google

3. Because next time you click "sign-in" you will see you were never completely signed out, it just looked that way. In fact, they kept you signed-in to track and profile you regardless.

False sign out

4. You must actually click REMOVE AN ACCOUNT to be "signed-out".

5. But wait there's another step to "REMOVE" your account and disconnect Google's digital leash from your neck. Got to click the X next.

Reputable Business do not have to continually delay your wishes, right?

google tricks consumers into believing they are signed out when actually they are not

6. Can we finally release ourselves from the Google leash? Not so quick. One more step. Google first must threaten that you will "no longer be able to use Google services" if you"remove" your account and actually finally, "sign-out".

Like that's not what you've been attempting to do the last five clicks? And you must go through this rigamarole each time you want to sign-out? Geez Louise someone is a bit clingy, no?

Evil google misleading consumers and tracking users without intended consent

7. Now you are actually freed from Google service (leash) and no longer treated like a safari animal on a game reserve. You are free.

If this does not offend you, fine.

For those not fond of a leash around neck remember to REMOVE yourself from Google, every chance possible.

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