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StartupYard CEO, Cedric Maloux Joins Board of Private Content Reader, Skriply

Los Angeles, CA, February 26, 2019 --( Publishers House Ltd., creators of content aggregator Skriply, a powerful, privacy focused application are pleased to announce the appointment of Cedric Maloux, CEO of seed accelerator StartUpYard, to its board of directors effective immediately.

“We are very pleased to have Cedric join our Board and look forward to his contributions,” Steven Cranston CEO said and continued; “Cedric, a long-time enthusiast of reader applications, understands our mission to protect people by keeping online connections, activity, interest and browsing history personal, private and safe; and that is vital to our purpose and product development going forward.”

A serial tech entrepreneur for more than 22 years, initially an engineer in Artificial Intelligence, Maloux, 50 years old, is now running StartupYard, the oldest running accelerator for startups in Central Europe which has invested in companies like DameJidlo, BrandEmbassy, NeuronSW, Rossum, WaymarkTech to name a few. Cedric is also a Board Member of the French-Czech Chamber of Commerce, an official French Foreign Trade Advisor, and a member of the Digital Leaders in Europe workgroup within the World Economic Forum.

Cranston, a former digital publishing executive with,,, and Softonic International added, “Straightaway Cedric has provided valuable insights for our product and globalized business priorities as we prepare our consumer launch in both Android & Apple stores.”

Publishers House Ltd. is a privacy focused application developer that monetizes paid-subscription models as an alternative to ads, social media, and data sales, for consumers and publishers, globally.

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