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Teen suicide connected to Social Media

"dopamine fix" Sean Parker, former President Facebook

"After hours of scrolling through Instagram feeds, I just feel worse about myself because I feel left out," said Caitlin Hearty, a 17-year-old Littleton, Colorado, high school senior

The false sense of inclusion has finally become realized. We are staring at a 5" screen, neck bent uncomfortably with an addiction like need to check (hit) it again. We are checking (hitting) our devices 2000X per day!

Consumers should search for content void of social widgets and connection to these social zombie platforms. Breath the fresh air, talk to your friends and family, write a damn post card or something. Just make it real.

  • In 2009, 58% of 12th grade girls used social media every day or nearly every day; by 2015, 87% used social media every day or nearly every day
  • They were 14% more likely to be depressed than those who used social media less frequently
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