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Publishers Cling to Ad Model

In face of consumer blowback against poorly performing, invasive and irritating ads some Publishers push their heads further into the sand.

"Nearly all ad buyers (93.75 per cent) support the idea of a publishing industry trade body producing a best practice guide to help their members combat ad blocking".

In fact, against Consumer wishes the majority of media buyers believe "publishers should work together so that consumers have no alternative but to accept ads from all members of that body to access content for free.

Based on this, our opinion is Consumers should pay producers of content directly and kick these morally corrupt ad-models to the curb, or at least relegate them to the trash heap of FREE, where Consumers have become the product such as Facebook.

Once people are willing to pay $5-$10 or even $20 per month, they can throw off the ad-model, data snooping and profiling business models dominating the Internet today. Paying for content through subscription is the answer.

Ad Buyers Assessing Publishers’ Ad Blocking Measures Before Placing Campaigns

Foolish Publishers Cling to Ad Model
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