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More Publishers Rolling Out a Paid Content Offering

Subscription offering is aimed at consumers of financial news

Business Insider this week became the latest publisher to ask readers to pay for its content, launching a subscription offering aimed at die-hard consumers of financial news.

The subscription offering, called BI Prime, has been tested in various formats for more than a year but was rolled out to Business Insider’s entire audience earlier this week.

BI Prime is a “freemium” subscription product, said Claudius Senst, the company’s new head of consumer subscriptions. Some of the company’s exclusive financial reporting will now be behind a hard paywall, but the vast majority of Business Insider’s content is still free.

Business Insider is offering two pricing tiers for BI Prime, Mr. Senst said. Subscribers can pay $9.95 a month or a $99 lump sum for an entire year. The company is also offering readers a one-month trial for $1. The full rollout is in its early stages, and Business Insider may still adjust the product based on audience feedback.

more publishes turning toward subscriptions and paid content models
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