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End of ‘First Click Free’.

Google revises Policy on News Pay Walls

Google has finally acknowledged the industry is moving and now Google is working on new tools that could help news organizations improve their subscription businesses.

Intrusive ad models and declining journalistic quality in a race to the "click-bait" bottom have turned Consumers back to a more direct relationship with Publishers, and they are willing to pay a fair subscription price to support quality journalism.

“It’s really all an attempt to try to create a new world — a better world — for journalism,” said Philipp Schindler, Google’s chief business officer. And, he added, “we have an inherent interest in making publishers successful.”

Google’s “first click free” policy gave readers access to potentially hundreds of free articles a month before they encountered any pay walls. If publishers did not participate, Google did not fully index their articles, which made it less likely that the articles would appear prominently in search results.

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