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German Supreme Court rules Adblock Plus practices legal in final decision 

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Today, we are extremely pleased with the ruling from Germany's Supreme Court in favor of Adblock Plus/eyeo and against the German media publishing company Axel Springer. The lawsuit began three years ago, and was started by German publishing giant Axel Springer. Axel Springer, meanwhile, described ad blocking as "an attack on the heart of the free media" and said it would appeal to the country's Constitutional Court. Users across the world have downloaded Adblock Plus over 500 million times, and it has remained the most downloaded and the most used extension nearly continuously since November 2006. Fortunately for Adblock Plus and its legions of fans, Reuters reports the court today threw out the case, effectively overturning a lower court's ruling that "operating a white list was tantamount to unfair competition". Newburgh Gazette

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