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Facebook spied on Android users’ calls & texts while pretending to care about privacy

Facebook tried to conceal that it was secretly vacuuming up call and text logs from Android users without their permission, newly-released internal documents have revealed.


The hundreds of pages of documents, which were previously sealed as part of an ongoing legal case with a now-defunct app developer called Six4Three, were released yesterday by the British parliament — and they confirm once again that Facebook is more than willing to sacrifice user privacy for company growth.


Writing in an email to colleagues, Facebook engineer Micheal LeBeau acknowledged that it was a “pretty high risk thing to do from a PR perspective” but said it “appears the growth team will charge ahead and do it” anyway.


Kwon wrote in an internal email that the “growth team” was “exploring a path” where Facebook would “only request Read Call Log permission, and hold off on requesting any other permissions for now.”

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