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EDITORIAL || Why Supporting Student Journalism Matters

On Support Student Journalism Day, the New University joins dozens of campus publications nationwide in declaring the profound importance of independent student newspapers and asking our readers for support amid heavy cuts to funding and resources. This struggle is especially acute for the New University, as we prepare to undertake an unprecedented transition next year, becoming an all-digital publication and eliminating print for the first time in our 50-year history.

Since 1965, as UC Irvine’s official and only student newspaper, the New University has provided consistent reporting on campus government and administrators, local politics, protests, events, and student features that would otherwise go uncovered. Our newspaper provides a voice for students, demands accountability from campus leaders, and documents UCI’s history as it unfolds. New University alumni have made careers in newsrooms worldwide, including at The Washington PostNBC Asian AmericaNational Public Radio and The New York Times. Our all-student staff has worked for decades to keep the UCI community informed, but an increasing lack of support for local journalism is jeopardizing our ability to keep operations afloat.

Today, dozens of student papers nationwide have published editorials about their hemorrhaging newsrooms. At the New University, we are sad to report that our newsroom has scarcely any resources left to hemorrhage. For the past several years, we have run on the dedication and resourcefulness of our student staff alone. We have no functioning cameras left in our newsroom; our photographers must use their own or borrow them from the campus library. Over the past decade, we have drastically reduced the size of our staff, cut our print circulation from 10,000 to 3,000, and slashed the size of our weekly print edition from over 60 pages to about 12. Our financial stability has steadily deteriorated due to loss of print advertising revenue, and despite efforts to revive it, today’s challenging media landscape has forced us to cut more resources each year.

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