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Digital stalking?

In the real world you'd call the cops.

Picture us meeting at the health club. We have a brief exchange of greetings, some casual conversation and wish each other goodbye after 15 min. Fair enough, right? Next morning you awake at your home, look out your window and standing there waving & calling at you to come for coffee, is me! Do you feel creeped out? Do you feel scared? Do you call 911?

On the other hand every day we visit websites, open apps and are digitally followed EVERYWHERE.

Into our living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, gym, doctors office, places we like; and well wherever we are. Websites and apps know our friends, contacts, text messages, emails, pictures; have access to our phones mic, camera, speaker and geo-location. Collectively they know more about us than our closest family and friends.

Essentially we are unwittingly being stalked.


Pay for Content

Not just ad-free, pay for content free from DATA SNOOPS such as social widgets and 3rd Party tracking from DMP's (data management platforms) DSP (demand side platforms) SSP (supply side platforms) and other tools used to track, monitor, collect and compile information about your friends, family and you!


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