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Advertising vs Subscription

“It’s clear that the broken system is ad-driven media on the internet. It simply doesn’t serve people. In fact, it’s not designed to.”
-Ev Williams

A transition will of course take time, but going to a subscription or premium model that makes the user the customer again is an increasingly attractive alternative to simply bleeding to death slowly.

"After years of focusing on clicks and page-views, serving an advertising industry more preoccupied with making money in the short term rather than securing their own viable future, the feeling is that the pendulum is now finally swinging back towards premium models, where audiences will be asked to pay for quality content and great experiences — and will be willing to do so

Seem critics are starting to realize if it's totally free, you must be the PRODUCT. Therefore publishers are forced to squeeze the consumer for more and more CPM, CPC or CP-whatever to please advertisers and shareholders.

The ratio of ads-to-content was an acceptable 50:50 for most of mass media, and even in the early days of Internet was maintained at 60:40, but publishes could not replace the revenue lost to declines in print circulation, which lead to things like native ads (advertorial), pop under's and over's, page take-overs and ultimately data sweeps of your personal information. We are now at a ratio of ads-to-content somewhere nearer 90:10, so no wonder people are moving back to pay-for-content.


Facebook and the other attention merchants have built their entire business around the simple premise of locking users into a data-driven feedback environment.

Would you pay for content, what type of content and under what conditions you would pay for content?

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