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Original Sin of the Internet

Advertising-supported, “free as in beer” social networks, services, and content

ad supported media are internet original sin, subscriptions, pay for content

Admissions and apologies slowly flowing from mouthpieces of media; finally they admit ad supported media models powering our www these past two and half decades have not only commoditized journalism largely; they've created a quasi media Surveillance State over us all.

We encage ourselves when we trade our valuable time, digital histories and privacy to use ad supported platforms and pay our masters a high price for the pleasure of doing so.

It's time to unlock this cage and free ourselves from ad-surveillance business models and pay producers of content directly. Its ultimately cheaper, vastly more private and absolutely safer. Find out how little you are worth to Facebook, NY Times, and Google in this previous article from The Publishers House.

"Demonstrating that you’re going to target more and better than Facebook requires moving deeper into the world of surveillance—tracking users" mobile devices as they move through the physical world, assembling more complex user profiles by trading information between data brokers.

You can escape the cage. Sign up for our new subscription app and enjoy content without ad snoops on your back.

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