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Ads Don't Work, Can Publishers Spin Subscription Gold?

“The idea that people want to pay for content is no longer a question. It’s a proven theory,” says Patreon CEO Jack Conte

IN THE ’90S, no one foresaw the fraud, commoditization, ad blockers, brand-safety issues, or clickbait battles that now trouble the industry.

pop-up ads, intrusive, ad models, vs subscription, ads dont work

The NYT have written about the dilemma facing Advertising, Publisher and Brands. They are between a rock (dysfunctional ad models) and hard place (dependent on ads for revenue).  Something has to give and its go to the Consumer, willing to pay-for-content (the Product), or suffer FREE media ad overkill (be the Product).

Yes you read right. IF ITS FREE, YOU'RE THE PRODUCT.

Advertising’s Moral Struggle: Is Online Reach Worth the Hurt?

Find out more about alternatives to the ad-supported content models invading our privacy and stealing our profiles, to resell. Start paying for content providers directly and dump the ads, data snoops and profilers. Request beta access to The Publishers House new app.

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