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A Timeline of the Rise of Digital Content

The last thirty years have produced more information than the previous five thousand.

The last thirty years have produced more information than the previous five thousand. Why? Because content has gone digital in the blink of an eye.

If an alien landed on Earth today and asked me to help them to get acquainted with our planet, I would hand them a smartphone. With our world’s history at their fingertips, they could learn everything from how to tie shoelaces to the political systems that govern our society.

For most of us, consuming digital content has become an intrinsic part of daily life. By most of us, I’m referring to the 4 billion internet users worldwide.

Through our phones and computers, we get the news, listen to music, connect with friends, make plans, learn new languages, manage our finances online, and even ask Dr.Google to diagnose ailments. How strange is it that television is usually better on the Internet than on our TVs?

The evolution of digital content has been one of the most rapid developments in history. It’s hard to believe smartphones have only been around for a decade. Now, digital data has seeped into nearly every aspect of our lives.

Today we find ourselves living in a dual world, somewhere between reality and the wonderland of cyberspace.

Let’s stop and ask ourselves: how did all content become digital?

Of course, I can only give you my perspective. With that in mind, here’s a timeline I created to help answer that question:

The Evolution of Digital Content

Our first stop is the nineties. While I was too busy listening to the spice girls on my walkman and minding my Tamagotchi, many of the tech leaders we know today were busy at work. Here’s a quick recap of exactly how far we’ve come in the past few decades.

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